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The West Yorkshire Information Service was formed in 1951 to collate and distribute news regarding the vehicles and operations of the West Yorkshire Road Car Company Limited, based in Harrogate. From the outset a monthly newsletter was produced, and for 40 years the WYIS kept its readers up to date with events concerning the company.

In 1989/90, with the privatisation of the National Bus Company, the West Yorkshire company was sold and broken up into a number of separate companies. With the exception of the operations integrated into Yorkshire Rider, the WYIS continued to record developments within the new companies for a further 22 years, by which time the original West Yorkshire operations were no longer recognisable and the successor companies were themselves under new ownership.

The changes which had taken place meant that the original WYIS aims could no longer be maintained, as  the old West Yorkshire company that it had been following had completely disappeared and the committee therefore took the difficult decision to wind up the organisation, which it did in the Spring of 2012.

One of the services that the WYIS provided for members was a detailed annual fleet list and rather than see this consigned to the history books we are continuing to maintain it for as long as it remains reasonably possible to do so with accuracy. This is due in no small part to our contacts within the companies and several former WYIS members who continue to supply details. It provides a way for those interested in the present day Transdev Blazefield and First York operations to keep up to date with fleet changes.

We offer no guarantees that the list can be kept up to date indefinitely, but should the time come when regular updates are no longer possible then an announcement will be made on this page. Meanwhile, enjoy this surviving remnant of the WYIS........


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